I Can't Do This On My Own
*trigger warning*
My name is Matt, I'm 17, listen to mostly metal, I am currently dating an AMAZING girl. her link is on my blog, check it out :) I post depressing things, black and white, band stuff, some things about love, eating disorders, cutting, anxiety and the occasion 'whatever the fuck I want'. I do NOT encourage any of that. If you ever need help, and need to talk, you can always talk to me. I'll listen and won't judge.
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what a day!!!!!!!! nothing happened and i was tired

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the problem with money is too much of it belongs to people who aren’t me

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doin a group project likeimage

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Why is it the people who need the most help won’t take it


I remember when I was a fetus I used to sneak out at night while my mother was sleeping

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i love you im glad you exist im so happy you’re alive

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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whenever something happens where i end up getting physically hurt I don’t really react right away i just kinda stare at it like






"im not sure how i want to handle this intense pain im in right now im still trying to process that it happened should we call 911"

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Upside down kisses are so fucking cute

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